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Wendelsberg Community College, together with IOGT-NTO, educates Sober Guides whose role it is to assist self-help groups made up of addicts and their families. The method is based on MI (Motivational Interviews) alongside a method used by IOGT Germany in their 700 self-help groups consisting of 3 500 participants every year. You can find more information on

It is a distance course, part time, during fifteen weeks with one physical seminar. This means, that participants need to spend approximately 10 hours a week studying the advised material, apart from the time spent in weekly online seminars.


There are different forms of distance courses. Here we focus primarily on the conversation and the exchange between the participants. This method requires the participants to be active and open to sharing thoughts and knowledge. There is a weekly on-line meeting (Thursdays 18.00 – 19.00) where we have discussions and talk through the different segments of the course. On top if that, you need to read the literature, watch films and lectures online, reflect on them in writing and in an online forum. At times, the participants meet in groups online or physically, depending on the circumstances, to discuss certain issues.

The online platform used is Google Classroom and the video meetings take place in Zoom. Someone will guide you through the platform at the onset of the course. You do not need to be an expert in computers but you need to feel comfortable in an online environment.


MI – Motivational interviews
Adult children
Group development and process
Salutogenic leadership
Conflict management
The method

Participant criteria

As a participant you need to be 25 years and above. We are happy to see that you have experience in working with adults, professionally or voluntarily.

If you yourself suffer from the illness of alcohol-/drug dependency you need to have been consistently sober for a minimum of three years in order to access the course. If you are a family member we wish you to have received some kind of professional help and support before attending this course.

Time frame

The course duration lasts between the 20th September and the 17th December 2021.


The course is a Community College course and is therefore free of charge. As a participant, you only pay for the literature used.


If you have questions about the course plan or set up please contact Björn Lanefelt on

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