About Wendelsberg

Wendelsberg is one of the oldest folk high school in Sweden as you can tell by the surroundings and school buildings. Our main building for instance hails from the mid 19th century with an interior as beautiful and impressive as its exterior.


100% drug free
Wendelsberg is a drug free environment encompassing classes, school trips and even the students spare time (on school premises) – an attitude we believe promotes the best results. We also have a complete programme to keep it that way. Our vision is a world where drugs do not prevent people from living free and rich lives.

Every folk high school designs its activities to fit its adult students. It is also customary for each school to distinguish itself from other schools. At Wendelsberg, for example, we offer the highest levels of high school mathematics, physics and chemistry. We are also experienced in drug and alcohol related problems and offer courses which specialise in dealing with such matters.

Wendelsberg’s highly popular drama course is aimed at those who wish to work professionally as an actor or drama pedagogue. Students are involved not only with developing their acting skills but are required to be involved in all aspects of the theatre from directing to making props. The school provides as authentic a work situation as possible, offering access to a fully equipped stage and workshop.

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